A bit of history

Wibu-Systems GbR (that’s the original name of the company) was founded by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit in Karlsruhe in 1989, with the goal to deliver secure and easy-to-use software licensing and protection technologies to the market. The idea for the first WibuBox as a dongle for the LPT interface was born that year.

What is WIBUKEY?

WIBUKEY User’s Guide version 4.10, May 2004:

WIBU-KEY is an intellectual property protection system. It works to prevent the use of illegal copies of software and data files. WIBU-KEY consists of encryption and driver software and a hardware component called the WIBU-BOX. The principle of the protection is the encryption of the intellectual property. Interrogations and encryption are built into the software or data file to be protected. These access the WIBU-BOX, which is connected to the computer. The WIBU-BOX confirms the interrogations and implements the decryption of the encrypted program or data file. Without the WIBU-BOX, the protected software cannot be used and the protected data files cannot be read. This decryption cannot be replicated by a software process, because it relies on certain secrets which are built directly into the WIBU-BOX. WIBU-SYSTEMS guarantees the non-reproducibility of theWIBU-BOX. This way no more copies of the program can be used than defined in the WIBU-BOX hardware.


Short list of ready-to-use Sentinel SuperPro/Pro/Scribe dongle emulators. This page will be updated and categorized soon.

  • AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum v2.x, v3.x;
  • Avid Media Composer v2.5.3;
  • Avid Unity v3.4;
  • Enco Applications DAD 5.x;
  • Expressphoto Sports and Events v8.5;
  • EZ Cam (mill);
  • Gerber Technolody AccuMark v8;
  • gINT Professional v7;
  • ImageWare PC Professional v4.2.2;
  • InnoWireless Dr.EVDO v1.46 & Dr.Analizer v2.66.08250;
  • Mintec MineSight v2.70;
  • Missler Software TopSolid-TopCam 2003 v6.5.258;
  • Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX;
  • Schlumberger petrel 2003SE, 2005;
  • SOCOMEC CVision – Supervision DIRIS & COUNTIS – v2.1.3;
  • Stilista 2000;
  • The Petroleum WorkBench v1.63, v1.82;
  • Window Designer 2000 v6.5;
  • WinSTEEL v6.23;
  • Zemax EE;

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