Short list of ready-to-use Hasp dongle emulators. This page will be updated and categorized soon.

  • Atena 3D;
  • AutoCivil Pro;
  • Cartomap v4.30;
  • CSC Orion v14;
  • DMSNT;
  • DWD FlashTool v6.1;
  • Esteem v5.2 & EsteemPlus v6.x;
  • GearCAD v3.41 HP;
  • Martin Show Designer v4.8;
  • MasterCam X;
  • Metacam v5;
  • ProXPT v2.05;
  • Robobat Robot Office;
  • Staad 2002 pro;
  • Terrasol K-REA v2.1.8;
  • Terrasol Tarlen4 v1.34;

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