Why you should replace your dongle

Dongle (also known as hardware key, hardware token, security device) is a small hardware device that connects to a computer to authenticate a piece of software. When the dongle is not present, the software runs in a restricted mode or refuses to run.

Just imagine that:

  • you have lost your dongle, somehow damaged it or your protection key was stolen and you are not able to use your software anymore.
  • you want to use your software on laptop without LPT ports.
  • you want your protected software to run on more computers.

Everything is possible and we are ready to help you!

The way to save your hardware lock

We have developed software solution (emulator) that has all the functionality of the original hardware key and can be used instead. Emulator can be installed on many computers. Protected software will run as before, but your dongle will be safe. In case you have lost you dongle we are ready to recover it.

We offer complete software emulators (100% dongle backup) for such dongles:

Other dongles like TechnoData MATRIX LOCK, Marx CRYPTO-BOX, Guardant STEALTH & FIDUS, Dallas iButton, Microcosm Dinkey, Feitian ROCKEY also can be emulated.

If you have any questions, suggestions, orders, please feel free to contact. Our contact information can be found here.