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By | January 5, 2016

TWin is a comprehensive software program intended for Electroencephalography (EEG), Polysomnography (PSG), and Long-term Epilepsy Monitoring (LTM). TWin is incredibly powerful and flexible, but also designed for easy and efficient day-to-day use.

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A few words about software and its features:

TWin Analysis
– Spectral mapping
– Potential mapping
– Seizure/Spike detection (on-line/off-line)
– Sleep events detection: respiratory events, desaturation, limb movements, bruxism, snore and arousals (on-line/off-line)
– DC trends (real-time)
– Fully-Automated Sleep Staging
– EDF Import capability
– Neuromonitoring (on-line/off-line)
TWin Outputs
– Export waveform data to ASCII, EDF, Excel
– Export data and graphics to Word, Excel
– Report generation to Word, HTML, XML
– Printout of waveforms to standard Windows-compatible printers
– Printout of graphics and study to standard Windows-compatible printers
TWin Data
– Management
– Grass Database Explorer for patient and study-related information and also file management
– Patient-Explorer (TWin version of Windows Explorer) for file management
– Grass Patient Scheduler
TWin Utilities
– Montage editor
– Database editor to add or customize database fields
– Spatial Montage editor
– Event description editor to customize keyboard triggers and events (for example, sleep scoring events, seizure/spike events for LTM, etc.)
– Photic sequence editor to customize photic flash sequences
Functional Modalities Supported
– Routine EEG, PSG, Long-term Monitoring, Ambulatory EEG, Ambulatory PSG
TWin Acquisition Real-time Data Sources Supported
– AURA PSG Amplifiers
– AURA Amplifier
– AURA LTM64 Amplifier
– Comet EEG/PSG AS40 Amplifier
– CTE Amplifiers
– Digital Video/Audio
– TREA Amplifier
Other Hardware Devices Supported
– NSA-PC Nurse Station Alarm System
– Automatic A/V Room switch
– Photic Stimulator
– SleepTrek Portable Sleep Screener
Operating Systems Supported
– Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008

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